Friday, May 23, 2008

Which road taken ( or not )

I personally hate Election Years. I'm not a fan of politics in the first place. Politicians lie whenever their lips move, this is just a given. If they promise it, you can rest assured, it will never happen. Ive done my civic duty and voted, and for the most part never really beleived my singel vote ever counted for anything more than time and gas wasted to get to and from the polling location.

But the World is changing.

This election year has proven to be one of the most interesting so far, and it's far from over. There have been many firsts in this race, and were probably in for a few more. Is the world ready for change? Im not sure. What about the candidates.... McCain would be like another four years of GWB, nobody wants that. Clinton is a woman and that in itself is so far a deviation of the norm I wonder if the male oriented world would allow it. Obama, I wonder if the white male oriented world would allow even that. They all have their strengths and weaknesses that they bring to the table, some greater than others.

The world itself seems poised on the brink of falling. War, famine, great disasters, the economy, the oil is running out, people are losing their homes, people cannot afford health care. It is historical that great civilizations fall, and are reborn. Is this destiny or fate? And is there anythign that can be done about it.

We sit with great anticipation.... perhaps we should stand in defiance. Which road will we travel in the coming months as we walk toward out fate , a fate that may change the lives of everybody on this planet forever....