Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dancing With the Devil

Well I've danced with the devil
I have looked him
Square in the eye
And once upon a time
Some years ago
I did the devils dance
I reached out and shook his hand
We were flying high
Walking a tightrope
With no net
Swaying in the wind
Trying not to fall
Holding on for dear life
Like a star going nova
Then the wind came up
And I started to fall
I reached out
To take the devils hand
And the devil wasn't there
Looked to the left
Looked to the right
I looked down and then I fell
I closed my eyes
I stretched my arms out
And I tried to fly
Just for a moment
In a flash of stardust
I was all alone
Then the darkness
Consumed me
In an ocean of fire
The ink black darkness 
And the light of desire
No place to run
No place to hide
Running from the devil
I wanted to cry
Cry out...
But I couldn't make a sound
The only thing the devil will do
Is bring you down.

© February 2, 2013 Ninth Wave Projects

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Glass


Every Castle has its walls
Some just as high
As the tallest fortress
They Keep you in
They keep them out
But its a prison either way
As I stand here watching time
As it gets smaller
And farther away
Hypnotic is the sound
As it fills the bottom glass
And grain by grain
Slowly slips away
There's so much less now
Faster it falls
I'm not sure when the last grain
Will fall into eternity
Or how soon I will follow it down
To the sound of a heartbeat
As it tries to heal
Even when there is no more time.

© NINTH WAVE PROJECTS * May 21, 2012
Written by : Michael L Farquer

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Wayward Poets Reflection


The Sound of thunder
Off in he distance
I can almost 'feel' it
As it rolls across the sky
Lightning flashes
Catching a single tear
Rolling down my cheek
As it falls to the floor
So many miles
Traveled and back again
I'm not sure where along the way
I closed my eyes
And when I looked up
Half a Century had passed
And many times
It's felt like forever
And other times just an instant
Frozen in Time
So there comes a time
When you have to let it all go
Take the good and the bad
And lay it all out in front of you
And see what you have accomplished
And the things half finished
Some never started...
Just another passage of time
A way to sort out whats important
And what isn't, maybe never was
I wish I could close my eyes
And when I opened them
I'd have that second chance
To take another path
But those are just the musings
Lofty dreams not to be
Held in high acclaim
By a wayward poet
As he reflects the time gone by
And the time yet to be seen.

© NINTH WAVE PROJECTS * March 17th 2012
Written by : Michael L Farquer

Monday, October 31, 2011

All Hallows


The scent of falling leaves
In brilliant colors
Wood on the fire
Gives way to the fog
Where ghosts dwell
Candy Apples ready for bobbing
Frost on the pumpkins
And jack-o-lanterns light the path
With an orange glow
The laughter of children
Costumed going door to door
Witches and Goblins
Wizards slaying dragons
There is magick in the air
Old stone circles
Long ago we danced in circles
Holding hands
Remembering those 
Who danced before us
Conjuring up the past
Where it all began
Listen closely and you may hear
Their voices in song
Dancing under the moon
On All Hallows ...

So Mote It be.

© NINTH WAVE PROJECTS * October 31st 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Still the Dragon Beckons


I walked by myself down the lost highway
Each step closer is one more step away
It's all flashing lights and monitors
Keeping track of time
Time well spent
Time wasted
Times we were alone in a room 
In the middle of a hundred people
It's a funny concept
Time waits for no one
Not for you or for me
But it's a journey chosen
Just to be set free
Freedom from choice
Refuge from pain
Do you ever get tired of waiting?
Well before you know it
Time comes back for you
Like waves crashing against the cliffs
And with a roar
Still the dragon beckons.

© NINTH WAVE PROJECTS  September 4, 2011 Written by :
Michael L Farquer

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Like a Slipstream of Sorrow


What a beautiful
And peaceful place
In the midst
Of so much sadness
As the world goes on
So many memories
Fade into a grey veil
Like a slipstream of sorrow
In a sea of endless stars
Where the water falls
Cleansing the souls
Of the ones we hold so dearly
Of the ones we did not know
Nameless faces on a wall
Empty stares as the people walked by
All connected....
Looking for the familair faces
That would never come
And the ones we will never forget.
The day the World changed for all of us.

© NINTH WAVE PROJECTS - 09/02/2011
Written by Michael L Farquer
~ and ~
Scott A Lundy

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Timeless Memories


I look at your picture
And I reach for the phone
Then my memories flood back in
An I know your no longer there
Reality Check
Leaves me silent
Sometimes I just stare
Sometimes I shed a tear
Sometimes I am angry
But in the end, I'm just alone
Looking back at all the shadows
Passing memories
Fleeting moments in time
Not everything was perfect
There were good moments
And there were the rough times
I chose to stay away
And I live with that guilt every day
About the things we could have shared
Those moments will never come again
So at times it seems like a dream
Sometimes I wake up crying 
And I am desperately alone     
And sometimes I am driven
To find that feeling again
In this small circle of  companions 
My entourage till the end.

© August 6, 2011 NINTH WAVE PROJECTS