Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Getting to see and old friend

Chester was one of our first race horses, he is now the last racehorse. He is now 22 years old.... and old man! He won many races, and was always fun to work with. I usually got to brush him and groom him ... my idea of 4 on the floor has wheels, not hooves (grin). For the last several visits to the Ranch, Chester has been down in the back field, enchanting a lady horse that belongs to the neighbor. I'm not sure anybody has told the lady horse, that Chester.... is missing a couple parts, but he sure does his best attempt to be the first one at the fence, and stays there till dinner time. Oh I guess horses get lonely too, and we've tried to put another horse in there with him but he doesn't take too well to that , its his pasture and he makes sure they know it. All the other horses are gone, after my Mother and Step Dad retired, they just couldn't part with him... so he runs free at the farm and will till he draws his last whinny, or runs off with that lady horse ( which ever comes first )