Thursday, June 19, 2008

In an Instant

Nothing is guaranteed... In the blink of an eye, in an instant things can change. Life can begin, and end.

So Love those you care for like it is their last day, like its your last chance, like you may never see them again, so share with them totally how you feel.

And forgive, first yourself and then the others because lessons are always difficult to deal with, and keep in mind that both of you are learning from the same lesson, just different sides.

Share your hopes and dreams, your fears and your thoughts. Let the wishes be cast out and fulfilled by the Universe. Give without expectation from your heart.

Never go to bed angry, you may be giving up your last chance to forgive and be at peace with the one your with, because .. in an instant, you can't go back.

Never fear truth, honesty can never harm us as much as lies, even if it's difficult, trust and you will be given the same in return. Most of all live your life to the fullest.

Be Intense, in everything you do, go full steam ahead. Even the smallest moment can be an adventure. Don't lose your way, but be open to try experiences before you shoot them down.

Go for it , do everything you ever wanted to do. Take your significant other along and be happy for the companionship, and have fun.

Keep the Faith , In first, yourself and the rest will follow. Be at peace when you can and ask God for guidance when you cannot. The Universe takes care of its own, but you have to take responsibility for your part in whatever it is you do.

Don't fear defeat, you never fail if you have learned a lesson on the trip to and from your journey. You only fail if you choose not to take the journey, even if you have to do it over more than once.

So in conclusion, just live each day as the only one you have, be happy and love those around you, even if its difficult at times. Love is unconditional, and if its not it must be. Love yourself and you will make it to the next level.