Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wild Eyed and Restless

We were wild eyed
And restless
Riding the Ninth Wave
Until it crashed on the rocks
days on end
Hard to tell one from the last
Living in this Intensity
Has a hold on our souls
And we keep coming back for more
Trying to reach that certain point
Nirvana they call it
But you only get so close
Before you begin to crash back to earth
Falling stars that flame out
Way to early
Destiny brought us together
On the same path
I looked into your eyes
And saw the danger
Overwhelmed by the Intensity
I couldn't look away
And from that moment on
I knew we had to play it out
This great adventure before us
Or let it consume us
No turning back now
No safety nets below
Yeah we're walking that Fine line
Wild eyed
And Restless.

August , 17th 2006