Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just The Memories

Memories fade
kinda like the wind
but not all of them
are silenced
sometimes it screams
shatters the night
chills your soul
your alone now
in the middle of the room
all the people talking
saying things
you don't want to hear
I remember those days
kinda like yesterday
one minute your there
and the next
it was all a dream
and I cannot touch you
shadows in the night
whispering winds
lightning flashes
and there is
no going back
no solace
no escape
just the memories
of you
Some things ...written deep in the middle of the night... just flow. I wanted to try and put down the random words that I was feeling about my friend who lost his partner, wondering how he felt... how I mite feel.... and hoping it never happens.
(For Sister Girl)