Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane IKE sweeps thru Ohio

Believe it or not.... Hurricane IKE swept the Ohio, leaving nearly a million people without power on Sunday September 14th 2008. What is believed to be a 'Once in a Lifetime" event slammed the state with winds in excess of 80 mpg - that's Cat-1 Hurricane winds Ohio. Here at the Lake house, we lots part of our roof, as did many of our neighbors. Thousands of trees were destroyed, some of them among Ohio's oldest living buckeye trees that have withstood hundreds of years or bad weather. Three people were killed by falling trees, numerous fires broke out and several business were destroyed by fires that raged out of control in the winds. We here aren't used to events like this, you never think that a hurricane will reach you... most of our areas power crews are in Texas assisting them, so we now must borrow from other states to bring our own power grid back online. AT this point, most roads are closed and too dangerous to be out on due to power lines and trees. So, we got a little taste of what the coastal cities deal with at various times. I said a couple days ago that I always thought it would be fun to ride out a hurricane.... In reflection, I am changing my mind.