Saturday, September 27, 2008

Self Preservation (Return of Chaos)

I had the sense
To let you go
Even if it was
The last thing I wanted
But self preservation
Always wins
And so
I closed my eyes
And I made that call
Heart in my throat
Shaking hands
Just press send
And it will all be over
And the seasons changed
The storms came and went
And my emptiness faded
I found myself again
Even tho you walked my dreams
Many a night
And then today
The chaos returned
Just a little bit
As we talked
Like old friends
At a chance meeting
And all those memories
Flooded back
So I had to step back
And Breathe...
Walk the floor
And try
Not to fall back
Into darkness
So now I walk that fine line
Consumed by memories
Colored to elude the pain
And now I await
What happens next
And so goes
The Ancient Warrior
On yet another quest
To save his soul.

September 27th 2008