Friday, December 19, 2008

Blessed are the Children

I try to use my blog for moments of inspiration and to share things that I feel are important. I use it to share my poetry and my adventures. Rarely do I try to make statements or comments about things that do not directly interject into my own personal life, but today is different. Today, they announced that the body found in Florida is indeed that of Caylee Anthony. We have all been watching the tv about the missing child for months. We have heard numerous lies by the mother of this child, changing each time the authorities got a little bit closer to the truth. The grandparents have gone from frightened , to indignant in their support for this monster that is their daughter, supporting the lies and shadowing the truth in denial in the face of overwhelming doubt.

How anybody could hurt a child is beyond me. Children look at us with the eyes of innocence and love. They trust us, they look to us to provide a safe place and in return they provide us with unconditional love. How this 'monster' who gave birth to her could be so inhumane as to injure an innocent, or to allow another to do so, is unforgivable. To lie to the entire world, to the police, to her parents, to God shows that she is indeed not fit to walk among the public and to me, should be locked away in the depths of the darkest prison.... to be allowed to rot in darkness. And while my words sound harsh, let us not forget this 'monster' most likely killed her own child and lied about it for months. Personally, if it were up to me, she would be left in that dark hole to starve and to think about what she did while she died in as much agony as she deserves.

No mercy? No... mercy is for those who regret their actions, knowing they were wrong. Knowing they made a horrible choice, taking full responsibility for their actions, not lying about it for months with no visible conscious. No mercy for the 'monster'.

So today the world exhales. It has been a long journey. It is a sad chapter, but it is in no way an ending, except for Caylee.