Saturday, February 7, 2009


My Christian
Swirling clouds surround you
Like the great winds
Of a storm
Or torment
You choose the weapon
Fate chooses the time
Destiny plays out
Like Shakespeare's
Latest tragedy
And you just keep
Christian like the wind
You know no boundaries
You test the limits
Of Earth and sky
A warrior
Out of time
Possession in your eyes
Where all I see
Is darkness
And sometimes
The light of a child
Who's lost and alone
So I want to reach out
But when I do
I feel your retreat
So I resist
And feel from a distance
What frightens you
And what drives you
To this madness
One step farther away
Into Christians world
Caught up
In a dragons wings
Rage against the innocence
And for innocence lost
Over and over again.

( 6/01/05 )