Sunday, February 15, 2009

In The Silence of the Dawn

Morning dawns... the sun a golden yellow rises in the east. It is quiet... peaceful. I think of all the people in the world, and wonder at this very moment, where there thoughts are. Flip thru the paper... thru the channels.. it's all the same. Good news is difficult to come by at this time. I feel for the vibrations on the wind of what Mother Earth whispers... which falls on deaf ears far too often. I think of the people on that plane ... how they were together in a twist of destiny and fate... forever joined in history and tears. Things can change so quickly... no guarantees. Moments in time like that bring people a little closer together... a common cause... empathy spreads like a thick fog in the valleys... it creeps upon you till you feel that chill.... it makes your soul gasp at the emptiness. It also brings to a stone cold reality that not everything ends well... not every plane lands with the gentleness of Gods hand like the incident on the Hudson...and it makes you wonder why. These things we aren't meant to understand sometimes... it is a question that will haunt us ....till the next moment takes its place.