Saturday, February 7, 2009


Sometimes I try and look back through that mirror...trying to find my way back, to the point of no return. But that mirror is clouded and no longer crystal clear. Ive searched for God and found at times a great sense of peace and tranquility, but no answers...only more questions. Faith they call it... But faith is what? Or who... I don't understand how to accept one thing without giving up the other. I'm told that these things can co-exist, just to be told by others that it cant. So which is right? Are they both wrong? I do not see my answers coming from any mortal, because they too have no answers. So where are the Angels when you need them? Perhaps busy, fighting for the human race, too distracted to deal with one small crisis.. While the world is in chaos, the days grow shorter, time on Earth seems to be quickening, growing darker. It is no wonder it is difficult to find solace.
( This was written on Easter of 2005 )