Sunday, May 10, 2009

Facing the Storm


And the wind rose and took them by surprise. They were torn from one another by no fault of their own...yet they were powerless to stop what fate had in store for them. So, as mortals do... they raced to the farthest corners to hide and wait out the storm. But they did not realize, that they should have stood together and not alone. Intertwined in their destiny, set in motion many lifetimes past... they played out the hand that was dealt to them, and they asked no questions. It had not been a long time that they had been drawn to one another, but it had been a powerful time. A time of intensity, of great highs and terrible lows. They did not stand a chance to survive the fire that was consuming them. And yet, they played with the flames as if they were unaware they they would be consumed by the conflagration. Sometimes, nothing survives the fire... Sometimes, it is the fire itself that brings life renewed to begin the cycle all over again.

We are all on a journey. Sometimes that journey is solitary, and sometimes it brings us in sync with another soul. But, in the Universes cosmic wisdom, from the brightest sun to the smallest atom, there is a balance that must be maintained. Just as the planets of the universe move in sync, they eventually travel on alone. And little by little, they became so distant that it seemed to be but a passing memory that they had once shared the same space. And so, as their world around them fell into held on in torment while one walked away. There would be no last reprieve, no waking from the nightmare that seemed to never end. It was hearts torn asunder. It was the sound that shattered glass.... it was over.

And then began the long road ahead. They would carry on picking up the pieces that fell. They would take inventory of things untouchable. They would search the paths that led them to where they now stood. There would be no easy answers, nobody wanted to accept the blame, but each one knew their own transgressions. From those they could not escape in their search for absolution. Time became the guardian of truth that each one would have to eventually face. And each would examine the darkest places of their own souls in search of a tiny pinpoint of light. A destination from the shadows. A place to exorcise the ghosts of the past, and to embrace tomorrow.

Time can be your best friend or your worst enemy, and sometimes both at once. It will make you see things from the outside, It will take away the pain and clear the emotions from situations that seemed impossible to reconcile with. It will humble you and give you perspectives from places you never imagined. It will allow you to forgive, where once forgiveness seemed impossible. It will cleanse your soul and restore your faith. And sometimes, it will allow you a second chance to find the best parts of yourself.

As the soul is as much a part of the Universe as the stars and planets, we are all part of the same beginning. Everything happens for a reason, there are no mistakes. Sometimes the Universe in all its complexity seems overwhelming to contemplate. Sometimes we find ourselves right back where we started the journey. Maybe on rare occasion we are given the opportunity to make right the things that we walked away from before it was time. Perhaps it is all a part of our spiritual evolution.

And then it came to pass that they once more found themselves on familiar ground. They had survived the storm, they were changed. There was a peaceful calm where once a hurricane raged. It took them both by suprise that the good things remained after all these years. Evolution had won out over revolution in the long run. It was a new beginning