Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We Chose Our Own Swords


We chose our own swords
Pretending to be soldiers
When they were really
Just little boys with guns
Somewhere in the desert
Where the sky is clear as glass
You can reach up and grab a star
But just like before
The stars fell out of the sky
Like Mother Earth's tears
I can be there for you
I can be everything
Whatever you need me to be
Poet, Priest, or Outlaw
The dancer in your dreams
Or the Devil if need be
Anything that keeps you safe
From the unknown
From the darkness
So I can show you the light
Show you the way home
So I pray everyday
Even just a little
That by the Grace of God
He will bring you home
As the sands of time
Erase the memory
Of the person you used to be
I have to try and find you
And take you away
From all this pain
And give you back the sword
Just so you can cut your way free....

( June 2nd 2009 )