Sunday, September 20, 2009

Waking the Spider


Do you ever notice
When Chaos finds you
As it always does
We seem to reconnect
Not one on one
Just across the web
Like a spider knows
When something is
Shaking the web
In dreams it awakens me
Here we go
All over again
Well from a distance
I always get that feeling
That something else
Like karma or fate
Has found you once more
I have to tell you
That looking in
Rather than being caught up
In another of your hurricanes
Like so many times before
Keeps my sea calm and peaceful
You keep testing fate
Far too often
It will catch up with you
One of these days
Waking the Spider
Pulling free from the web
Will get you tangled up
And become your undoing.
And I hope that
Im nowhere to know your fate
And that youll just fade
into the darkness from where you came...

(September 20, 2009)