Saturday, June 19, 2010

Eye of the Hurricane (Remember Me)

gods eye

What will you do
After I'm gone
Will you think back
To the nights we lived
In the Eye of that Hurricane
And the quiet times
That nobody would believe
Will you shed a tear
Remember my fears
That I confided in safety
And the good times
That we laughed and cried
Every time...we tried
To go back inside the storm
The one I've managed to go back to
And had to leave you behind
The way it had to be
The way it always was
So will you think of me
Now and then
In times of silence
A time to pray
And a time for you
To live another day
And someday when
Your times is done
I'll be there
Waiting just for you
In the eye of the hurricane
In the calm..
Of the sea
And we will start another journey
In the Grace of Gods true light
With no shadows
And no darkness
We will finally get it right.

( June 19- 2010 )

This is dedicated to everyone who has fought their own personal battles and won, be it physical, spiritual, or emotional.  There is light after darkness, and there is the calm after the storm.