Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dancing With the Devil

Well I've danced with the devil
I have looked him
Square in the eye
And once upon a time
Some years ago
I did the devils dance
I reached out and shook his hand
We were flying high
Walking a tightrope
With no net
Swaying in the wind
Trying not to fall
Holding on for dear life
Like a star going nova
Then the wind came up
And I started to fall
I reached out
To take the devils hand
And the devil wasn't there
Looked to the left
Looked to the right
I looked down and then I fell
I closed my eyes
I stretched my arms out
And I tried to fly
Just for a moment
In a flash of stardust
I was all alone
Then the darkness
Consumed me
In an ocean of fire
The ink black darkness 
And the light of desire
No place to run
No place to hide
Running from the devil
I wanted to cry
Cry out...
But I couldn't make a sound
The only thing the devil will do
Is bring you down.

© February 2, 2013 Ninth Wave Projects