Monday, March 10, 2008

Blizzard of 2008 is is about a week and a half from Spring, and wouldn't you know it, winter strikes. It was 70 degrees 4 days prior, and then 15 - 20 inches of snow arrived with 4 foot drifts! Global Warming , or Mother Natures last laff? I have a huge drif out behind my house, and everytime I look outside I just want to go jump in, like I would when I was a kid... I wont however, because im sure the moment that I did, somebody would snap my photo and I would never live it down...or I would end up with pnumonia. All in all, it will be 50 by tuesday and then we will have to worry about flooding. This wasn't exactly the same as the Blizzard of 78, where we were out of school 10 days in a row, and they had to move in equipment by helicopter, but it was unique and rare, and now.... I am ready for spring.