Monday, March 10, 2008

Somebodys knockin at my door

You can tell its gettin close to spring. I happen to live on a lake, and I have befriended a flock of ducks, ok to be exact, about 100 of them on any given day. This includes a tame Trumpeter Swan named Romeo, who I hand feed and visit with daily, a couple of Pekins named Wiggles and Quack, and hybrid named Bleach, and several mallards and assorted ducks that, to be honest, im not even quite sure what kind of duck they are... just that they seem to be fond of me. Ok, so I feed them 50 pounds of kibble, bread, biskits, corn and an occasional potatoe chip here and there each week.... funny how we come to find these creatures of nature as friends.... In spring, when the hens have babies and shy away from people, they march them up to my back door and parade them for me to see.... with no fear. The photo is of Romeo, who, knocked on my patio door today to say hello.