Monday, May 5, 2008

And the Planets of the Universe

And as I always say, people are like Planets of the Universe, we orbit in synchronicity for a time and then one by one, we lose that orbit and sometimes travel alone for years. Eventually, just like the planets we come back in synchronicity...and for the cosmic few, its just like it was yesterday. It has been a week of reconnecting. After 2 years I decided to go out and cancel my hibernation. It was actually quite nice. I ran into an old friend from 1980, back in 'the day" so to speak. We sat and chatted about people from 2 decades ago. It was an amazing way to come out of hibernation. Notice its no longer "exile" ~ a term I used in California. Speaking of reconnecting, I also reacquainted myself with the President of the Dayton Gryphon's who I've know for 10 years. Saw him at the Stage Door. Funny, everybody walked up to me and said Oh my , look at the Ghost! I thought that was quite amusing and very relevant. Then out of the blue i did an Internet search for one of my oldest ( literally, were talking lifetimes here ) friends, Louise (Gwen ) who was a huge part of my life in California...I've done this same search a dozen times with no results..... until yesterday. It was quite a surprise for her when her phone rang ! We chatted a couple hours and reconnected.... all is much better in the Universe today.