Monday, May 5, 2008

Celtic Wanderer ( For Gwen )

The mist of early morn' fresh
And sunlight caressed my eyes
The sound of footsteps
And I looked down from above
Thru my window to the garden
To see this Celtic Wanderer
Playing in her garden
Dressed in lace and leather
She caught my eye
And shared my memories
In an instant
Again those memories
Of long...long ago
I silently watched her
As she drifted thru the greenery
Snipping here and there
Abandoning her mortal self
For just a while anyway
As if she herself
Were caught up in some dream
An ancient memory
Suddenly alive once more
She looked pale in the early light
Ruby red lips
And darkened eyes
A vision of a past long forgotten
And for an instant
I was enchanted by her longing
There was a gentle sadness
In the way she walked
And yet...
Her intensity was passion
It was untamed and untouched
From another place and time
I laughed out loud
In admiration
And she looked up
And our eyes met as before
I retreated quickly
Almost embarrassed yet aware
Of our silent connection
A window into each others soul
She who walks the grounds
Will always be
A fond memory
Each time I watch morning break
Over the mountains
And the meadows
I will have fond thoughts
Of lace and leather
Of roses and wine
Of good wishes
And fortune
And all that is fine.