Monday, May 12, 2008

Changing Times

Every day, it is one disaster after another. A 7.9 Quake struck China, 9000 plus...dead. This is on the heels of the Cyclone in Myanmar, that may have killed 100,000 people. Tornadoes have ravaged the United States, as well as Earthquakes in places in the states where the ground used to be firm. Is Mother Nature fed up? I'm sure she is, and why wouldn't she be, considering how we have treated this Planet we call out Home. The Ice is melting, the world is in flux and we are standing here with looks of amazement on our faces. We shouldn't be amazed, we should be scrambling to find a way to put all these things right. People call this the "End Times" , they speak of doomsday and prophecy and Armageddon. Our economy is ruined, gas is getting higher every day and there is no real end in sight. How will we be able to go to work in a year, when gas is $8.00 a gallon? There is no simple answer and America is in for a big wake up call. I have friends who I speak with about UFO's and Aliens and to be honest, if I were passing through this part of the Universe and Earth was on the Galaxy Tour, I would shake my head and ask for my money back. Intelligent life? Im not so sure. We cant get along with one another, much less tolerate another species who just might be higher on the galactic food chain. And you know if Jesus himself were to appear somewhere in the World, nobody would take him serious. They would demand a green card, and ID, a DNA test and if he didnt have good credit, well, he couldnt possibly be anybody important. Walking on water wouldnt be much of a miracle, now that David Blaine can hold his breath under water for 20 minutes on Oprah. I wonder where it will all end?