Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Sky Harbor Event and Various Others

I have had numerous UFO encounters in my life, starting when I was around 9 years old. I was born in 1962, so this would be approximately 1971. I grew up in Ohio, always lived near an Air Force Base, A NIKE Nuke Base, and Wright Patterson AFB was a mere 35 miles to the northwest. There was always something in the sky. The first one, as I recall was like a flying diamond shape, Amber in color, faceted, flying on its side. It flew across the town silently, and caused a lot of rumors to fly. It also caused all the neighborhood kids to run amok with walkie-talkies for weeks trying to hear the Aliens talking to each other.

The next event happened about 3 years later. My Mother called from the farm and asked is my Grandmother and I could see the strange object on the horizon ( to the west ) So, out to the yard we went and sure enough there was a bright object, low on the horizon, sitting still, it was much larger than a star or planet, didn't blink like an airplane or a helicopter and was silent. This object, stayed on the horizon in the same spot for an hour, never moved and then, shot straight up in the night sky like a rocket and vanished. My Mother saw this same thing from out farm 10 miles away, including her account of the clocks stopping for the hour that the object was in the sky, which I later thought might have been abduction related.

The third encounter was later that same summer as my Grandmother and I were driving home late one evening and out of the right side of the car came this low flying craft, it was long, silver gray and it reminded me of a rocket ship, with a long tube like body with shorter wings near the top. It was flying on its side, rather slow and very quiet. Whatever it was went right across the road in front of us and vanished into the trees. Our car lights actually illuminated it as it flew over the road, it wasn't a jet or a helicopter as I am familiar with them since most of my Uncles were in the Air Force.

Several years passed and my next encounter was in central California. It would prove to be quite an extraordinary event, and by far the darkest of my encounters. It was 1991 and me and a friend were out for a usual drive to the mountains to a place called Sky Harbor at Millerton Lake, 20 miles north of Fresno. We did this all the time, Sky Harbor was a great place, we would go up there for lunar eclipses on the bluffs, hikes or just to escape the city. This night however, was different. It was in October, a cool night, very clear. We drove up toward Millerton and were listening to music and talking. To get to Sky Harbor you have to climb the beginnings of the foothills of the Sierra Mountains, so on both sides of the road, which is rather curvy are open pastures where cattle roamed. You have to pass numerous turn ins where farmers had gates to their property on both sides. After passing a few of these we both kinda looked at each other and realized, at each one there had been a dark pickup truck sitting with only the parking lights on. We joked about it actually as we passed another truck. The turn off to Sky Harbor was about a half mile on the left, so we made the turn and started up the first hill, which is a rather long and steep incline. I have to admit by this time we were both kinda unnerved and had a creepy feeling that something was up, what we didn't know. We made it to the top of the hill, and as we came over the top, we saw in the distance another truck, off the highway with parking lights on. We both decided right then and there that we didn't want anything to do with whatever was going on so we turned around and headed back down the road. I remember the time as 11:35 pm, because at 1:30 am I was due to pick up my roommate from work. We decided, to just head back to Fresno and call it a night. We made the turn off Sky Harbor Road, and proceeded to go back the way we came, there were no trucks to be found at all at any of the places they had been not 15 minutes earlier. So we kinda laughed about it and drove on. What happens next, is exactly as I remember it. We came down the hill, and made a curve to the left, i was driving about 45 miles per hour because of the terrain, As soon as i was in the middle of the curve, on the left side of the road, the entire hill light up bright as daylight. The flash illuminated the car up inside and out, I looked to the left, and saw the entire hill as if it were noon with the sun up. The very next thing I remember, I was yanking the car back onto the road from the right side where it seemed I was pulling back from the berm, and the light was gone, My friend and I looked at each other and we both knew we had just had some kind of experience. We were momentarily too stunned to talk, the car was silent. I looked at the clock in the car and it was no longer 11:35 pm, but 2:30 am. In an instant, two hours had vanished. I asked her to look at her watch, and the time was correct. I was so shaken up I had to pull over at the next road. We got out of the car and stood, and looked around but there was nothing there...just silence and stars. It was then I realized that we had failed to be at my roommates work on time, and yes this was the pre-cell phone era, so there was no way to call. We drove directly to Fresno, and picked up a rather unhappy roommate, we didn't say anything to him about it because we really didn't know what to say.

Over the next several nights both she and I began to experience very strange things. We both had dreams, literally seemed to be in the same place in these dreams, yet not in the same rooms of the place we were in. We would wake up after the dreams and one of us would ring the others phone and ask, did you just dream this? Here is what the dreams consisted of. In my dream I was in a huge cylinder room, it was dark gray or blue, it was tall, like a two or three story round building, with a great big center cylinder that seemed to hold up the center , i could not see the roof, there was some sort of illumination, and it was either foggy or misty in this room. There were two types of beings in this chamber. Smaller gray ones and taller blue ones. The never spoke, but you could hear them when they wanted you to understand what they were saying. The Gray ones did what the blue ones told them to do, while the Blue ones seemed to watch like supervisors. I wasn't scared for some reason, I don't know why. I recall a floating sort of gurney that they brought to me, and the next I recall i was on this thing floating down a corridor. There were lights of sort on the corridors that illuminated things. Next I was in a different room, a bright light over my head. My next remembrance is a severe pain in my right hand, specifically my outer three fingers. I recall them sticking what appeared to be needles in the ends. I next, remember waking up in my bedroom. My right hand was numb, my fingers hurt, and i had a weird feeling in my left thigh. I called my friend immediately to tell her about the dream and she too, had a nearly similar experience, same place, same beings, although her exam was more of a reproductive type, and she said the told her "Your children are here and they are fine". These same dreams lasted about 3 days. I would later find, ( and to this day still have this ) a small round object in my right thigh, it is the size of a bb pellet and it moves, it does not hurt, but it was never there before, there is no scar nor any explanation. I now think this is a tracking device of sorts because I have had continued encounters with these beings all my life. The interesting thing about my fingers, is that I developed nerve damage to them, and had surgery three years ago, where the doctor said he was curious as to why the damage occurred, as i have never had any injury to those fingers except the needles in that dream. I kept that part to myself, but I knew it was a result of the encounter at Sky Harbor.

I have had encounters ever since with what I feel, are the same two Grays, I don't know why I think they are the same two other than a familiarity when I see them. One rather strange encounter took place years later in Cincinnati Ohio. I lived on the third floor of an apartment complex and it was winter. I woke up, my back to the window, and i felt somebody watching me. My mind says, but your on the third floor! So the room got real cold... and i turned over, sat up on one arm and looked, and there they were. Both Grays, floating outside my third floor window. I recall I said to them, "Oh, its you again" and laid back down. That is all I remember on that. But again, I have to stress that I have never been frightened by these Grays, the tall Blue one was less that friendly, because he seemed to make me feel that we were just lesser than he was. I don't know if it was a he but the energy it gave off felt that way.
I returned to Ohio in 1996 and moved to Dayton right near Wright Patterson AFB in 1999. I don't recall any encounters till the summer of 2007 when I saw three UFO's flying over Ceasers Creek Lake about 20 miles out of town. What I saw were three silver, wingless craft, they had no markings, they were more or less shaped like a pill capsule and at first I thought they were guys parachuting out of an airplane. I noticed, several people stopped pointing to them and I pulled over and did the same thing. I wished I had my camera, but i didn't. However, somebody from my town did indeed have one and this exact encounter is on you tube currently. I found it by accident researching one day, and you can see one of the craft that I saw at I have never spoken to the person who video taped this as of yet. But it is exactly the same thing I witnessed in the summer of 2007.
So there you have my experiences. They have become just part of who i am. I expect them to continue because they have been with me since I was a small boy. I have never had any regressions, or hypnosis to remember these events, because I journal, and everything has been written down over the years so that my memory wouldn't fade. Some things you just never forget.