Sunday, May 25, 2008

Outlaw Ways

What is it about an outlaw....... makes them so dangerous.....and so desirable? Is it that you know better? Are you tempting fate? Maybe its the simple fact that we inherently desire danger. Ive had my share of outlaws in my day, and I'm probably not done with that part of my life. I must get this from my Mother, or even further down the road cuz somewhere Jesse & Frank James is in our family history, and if you go farther back to Scotland, well hell we were all skirt wearin cattle rustlers anyway. Ive chased them from one side of the USA to the other and back again. Ive run the roads, played with the temptations, rode the Ninth Wave, rode shotgun, carried a gun, been the devil and danced the dance. Ive been burned, and perhaps the fire is what is so fascinating and hypnotic. Being good just never seems to be as much fun as walking that edge. The Lady Gwen knows... we share that outlaw thing.... we always have, even way back.... and I do mean way way back when dragons flew. I cast the last outlaw out well over a year ago and , while I knew I had to do that not a day goes by that my mind doesn't cross that path.... and I wonder. And then, I gather my strength and my faith and i walk on and I don't look back. I sometimes wonder if the outlaw ever is doing the same thing.... and wonder if ever someday we will be glancing backwards at the same time and catch a glimpse of a ghost in the fog