Wednesday, May 14, 2008


He ( OK, maybe she ) is elusive. Silent, stands in the water patiently waiting for a small fish to swim within reach. Ive tried to get close to Spooky for a year now to get a decent photo, but the moment I make a move Spooky takes flight. Watching Spooky fly is amazing. Graceful, yet prehistoric in many ways, as he looks like a pterodactyl with his huge wings and legs sticking straight out behind him. Unlike the other water fowl on my lake, the ducks, the geese and Romeo the Trumpeter Swan who waddle and quack their way right up on my patio like old friends at a free buffet...Spooky is a solitary and shy Blue Heron. Today however, he allowed me to walk out on the patio, step to the edge with my camera and actually let me take several photos as he walked past. So for me the wait was well worth it. I wonder where he came from, and where he goes when hes not standing like a statue in the lake, or if there is another Blue Heron waiting for Spooky somewhere to bring home take out.