Monday, June 2, 2008

Rage of Angels

Out of the shadows of the the midst of time space comes the dreams of wisdom, from the great knights of ancient lore.

It was a time of great magic in the land, just to keep the people content and safe from the shadows must come a seed of purity and the joy of truth and the powers of the universe.

Untamed...a great beast comes forth in silence to shake the very foundations of the darkness, to break apart the night, thrown at the dawn to rise against the day.

The wonder of it all became clear upon the completion of the 7 seals of fate. Lightning flashes across the sky and thunder rolls in the heavens like the Gods were angry with each other.

So the Angels walked among the mortals in silence, and waited for the signs to be heralded.

And the people cried in the name of justice, for what they feared to be true had come to pass. And that which they had trusted had grown into a nightmare.

The shadows continue to grow, stronger and the light of the spirit darkens and becomes chaos, insanity beckons, as the magic retreated underground.