Monday, June 2, 2008

The Forgotten Seal

In the Temples of the Forgotten ones a secret lies uncovered...written in stone...and awaiting the servant with the golden key to unlock its many treasures.

Only the chosen children of the universe shall share in its eternal knowledge...or even comprehend the splendor of its priceless gifts.

Upon the earth the fates unleashed many a plague to confront the warriors and the ones they protect....for no man, woman nor beast escapes the choices of their own judgement.

From above comes the whispering discs that bring peace and prosperity to the fools who fear its own trembling shadow in the face of their own decline.

The key lies in the time of yesterday...and of tomorrows. Always one space ahead of us and we never catch up to it...fleeting grasps that vanish only moments before we touch it.

Welcome the Gods whom together create with effortless wisdom ...or apart bring chaos to the cosmic threads that tie us together.

When the mother shakes and crumbles bringing technology to its knees we will know the old ways should have been kept alive. One day only dust and memories will remind us of our world.

Let the children gather and open the paths to the temples so that we can once again...go home.

(Written 4/13/94 )