Monday, June 2, 2008

Truth In the Mirror

The mirror has forever remained one of our most treasured ....and sometimes feared objects in human history. Many stories and legends are told with mirrors as the main focal point of the tale. They are written into children's fables as well as modern day stories fro entertainment. They bring vanity, hope, fear, and of all things...truth.
In reality, ( or for some folk, fantasy ) what is a mirror besides the reflective surface of glass? Does it hold secrets that we cannot, or dare not touch from our side?
Could the reflection be an image? Or is it another dimension, and actual side coming forth in a shared moment in time space?
And you know which side is which? Which side is real? And can you prove it ? Do images arrive at the same time? Or is one just milliseconds ahead or behind the other? Do you ever catch it with a slightly different reflective expression? And if you do, which one of you compensates for the difference? is it you....or you ?
Mirrors...doorways to the other side? Or just a place where invention, or intervention offers us a view of our inner selves. Sit and stare at the mirror....tell us what you see....feel and imagine.

(Written 4/13/94 )