Monday, September 1, 2008

Storm Gathering

What is this
I'm not sure
I just know
It's gathering strength
Like a Hurricane
I can feel the wind
I can see the lightning
And feel the thunder
And it rocks
My fragile world
Like an Earthquake
And the walls fall
With the aftershocks
What is this
Some kind of craziness
And it's got a hold on me
As I watch Wild horses run
I want to run with them
I want to be free
Like a Hurricane
The wind
The Rain
And the thunder
Let the storm clouds gather
I guess I'll just hold on
And see what's left
After the storm


I wrote this May 19th 2005. It was written about a crazy love affair that was out of control... Like a Hurricane. While it did not destroy my world, it came very close. There were times I wasn't sure I'd survive, but out of the chaos of the storm I found the strength and the determination to pick up the pieces and start again. So this is dedicated to all those in the Gulf Coast who are surviving their own storm as yet another Hurricane comes in full fury. Nothing can destroy the spirit that is within all of us as long as we have faith in God and in ourselves. God Bless All of Us.