Saturday, November 8, 2008

Endless Fire

Great temptations
Coming around again
It's crazy I know
But that's what makes it
So alluring
So tempting
So wrong
And so hard to resist
So here you are
Sharing my space
All over again
It's been really
Just over a year
Since I've seen you
I wasn't sure
I wanted to again
But those old feelings
Stirred within me
Just like the first time
Just like the last time
Maybe... the next time too
Perhaps its your darkness
That draws me to you
Just like my light
Catches your attention
But fire and water don't mix
The poet and the outlaw
Riding out that hurricane
So maybe just this once
Maybe just ..this time
Maybe nobody will notice
What rages between
The darkness and the light
Some sort of destiny
Some sort of desire
Some sort of
Endless fire.....

( Nov 08 2008 )