Saturday, November 15, 2008

Walking The Mirror

Walking the mirror
Has never been easy
Watching both sides
Living in neither
No one sees you
No one hears you cry
But sometimes
You wish they heard you scream
Days go by
And you sit in darkness
You wait for the light
That never seems to come
Its always so close
And yet so far
You can't touch it
Or feel warmth of its glow
But you walk away
Burned by the fire inside
And when does it all stop
When will it end
Sometimes it is timeless
All consuming
Yet it feeds you
It needs you
Twin flames to survive
Two sides of the mirror
Shattered on the wall
Broken on the table
All lined up
All laid out
And the storm rages
Once again
And will they ever
See you
Will they ever
Know your there
Can you scream
Loud enough
To shatter the glass
And walk away free
Unscathed by the fire
And survive
So I'm listening
Speak to me
Tell me your stories
And I'll set you free
Free from the mirror
From the self made prison
And you can
If you dare to
Simply walk away

November 15th 2008