Saturday, November 22, 2008

One More Goodbye

After all this time
When I think about you
My eyes lock to yours
And time fades away
Its like nothing changed
And yet....
The passages are so real
And undeniable
It takes my breath
When I look at you
From a distance
Knowing I cant touch
Knowing I cant feel you
Knowing what I know
And then you walked in
Like nothings changed
And it makes me shiver
A cold cold wind
Has changed my soul
I am afraid to feel you
Cause all you do
is walk away
And I am powerless
To stop you
And even if I could
I don't think
My heart could take it
One more time
One more goodbye
One more fade away
So we pretend
Dance that dance
So close
And yet so far
After all this time
One more goodbye
Is all we'll ever have....

November -22- 2008