Monday, January 5, 2009

Last night I was fortunate enough to see The Trans-Siberian Orchestra live in concert for their last show. I have always enjoyed their music, giving new range and dimension to the Christmas carols and such. I never knew what a fantastic show they put on live. The house was sold out, and we had excellent seats on the floor, we were even escorted backstage while they were standing around getting ready to go on. I have to tell you that, I can't recall ever attending a rock concert that was this energetic. While, the music alone would be awesome, they put on a spectacular visual performance as well. The show is filled with an incredible lazer light show and pyrotechnics all timed to the music precisely. They ran around on stage and jumped to different levels with ease, all the while playing the instruments like they were possessed with much more than the spirit of Christmas. The show lasted a full 2 hours, without an intermission, every moment filled with pure intensity. At one point, down on the floor the stage rose up and there was a possessed violinist not 10 feet from my seat, later they lowered the pyrotechnic display about them and as the stage rose, the flames rose and the place was ablaze with 10 foot flames all around, you could feel the heat on your face and the crowd stood in awe. So if your ever fortunate enough to see them live.. GO! It is definitely the show of a lifetime.