Thursday, January 1, 2009


2009 has arrived. It came to pass with little fanfare compared to some New Years Eve's past. Perhaps that is just as well considering 2008 have more ups and downs than anybody can remember. It was however, a year of historical significance on many fronts. With America hanging on the edge of the abyss amid financial ruin, a war that continues, natural disasters, and hundreds of thousands losing jobs. Yet, we Americans have a strong resolve when we need to pull together and become one voice.

That one voice spoke volumes with the election of Barack Obama in November, not only as our next President, but as our first African American President, something that many of us never thought would happen. It is indeed a time of change. What that change foretells, remains to be seen. You just have to imagine that every step, every action that will take place, will be history in the making. Let us pray that with each step taken, we do not have to take three steps back as we have for the last eight years. President Obama will have an uphill battle, as he takes us out of the depths of our current situation.

It is difficult to imagine where the next few years will take us. Everything is a circle to some degree, and history repeats itself with a vengeance. While most of us do not recall the Great Depression because we were not yet born, the older Americans can recall it vividly and keep a watchful eye on the things that are happening everywhere around us. The number of businesses closing is astounding. The big three are swiftly becoming the little three. General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler stand on the brink of bankruptcy. Banks have failed, and continue to fail. The Government has tried to step in and save some of these businesses, but just how long or how far can they go before, the house of cards falls. Nobody knows, and that is the scariest part of this situation. If the auto makers fail... the landslide will be so great that every person will to some extent, feel the results in some manner.

While the businesses falter and Wall Street rides the roller coaster, the planet suffers still from mankind's ignorance. Global warming, natural disasters, depletion of our resources all continue. Sometimes I fear it will be 'too little too late'. There are those who continue to predict the 2012 demise of our planet, as warned by the many signs of the times. My take, well either your here till your not, it really doesn't have top be prophecy or the ending to some ancient calendar, nor any big chunk of space rock with an eye on Earth. It could be somebody is sitting with their finger on the trigger waiting to let go. It could be the Anti-Christ or some big earthquake that does us in.... The point tho is to live each moment as it is your last...

And soon enough, 2009 will give way to 2010. Time has a way of creating an illusion that we are the center of our own Universe...but it is just that.... an illusion. I made no New years Resolutions because they always get broken. I figure, with each dawn...reinvent yourself and walk with your head high, because if 2009 is going to be anything like 2008, were in for a wild ride.