Monday, March 30, 2009

The Empty Tower ( Fog of Discontent )

The walls of the Castle
Not so high anymore
Empty towers
No more prisoners
The ghosts long gone
Still the fog of discontent
Rises from within him
He walks alone
Silently among the grounds
Surrounded by moonlight
Longing for freedom
That will never come
As the days pass
Time takes its toll
And the memory fades
From the Castle walls
Till only a ghost remains
Lingering in the distance
One dim light
High atop the towers
Can be seen in shadow
An intermittent figure
Cloaked in darkness
Still longs to be free
Till one winters day
The light is no more
And the shadow fades
Into the mists of time
And freedom comes
With a whisper.

( March 30, 2009 )