Sunday, April 5, 2009

Frozen In Time


Face the storm
With infinite wisdom
Sometimes I hate
This empty world
Sometimes I hate
Who I have become
I've forgotten who
I really used to be
And at times
I just don’t care
Time stands still
Most of my days
I look out the window
And see the seasons pass
I look in the mirror
And see lines on my face
I look behind me
And all I see
Are things I’ve left behind
And the people
Who were important
At one time or another
And now most of them
Are just a distant
And faded memory
I exist in this place
In suspended animation
Frozen in time
Like a photograph
With the pages torn
So much time has passed
That there is no going back
And sometimes still
I'm afraid of going forward
So what’s left of me
Is just a shadow
That ghost in the fog
Just lingering.

( 4/5/09 )