Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Old Ghosts

old ghosts

I still haven't shaken this feeling
Guess I'm not over you yet
Seems like a lifetime
Since you left
So why does it still hurt
Everytime I think of you
Maybe it's just old ghosts
Haunting my memories
Clouding the truths in my mind
Maybe it's guilt i'm feeling
Lord knows you never stopped
Pointing that out to me
I don't know what i'm searching for
Absolution, resolution, revolution
Sometimes it helps just not to feel
Whatever it is I can't find it
It's not packed away somewhere
In a box I've forgotten
Guess I should have paid more attention
Took some lessons
You walked away so easily
I didn't even feel you go
I think that's part of the problem
Ancient warriors get weary sometimes
In many ways I've moved on too
Although it was never easy
I sometimes think
I'll feel you in my heart forever
And I wonder if you've felt the same
Maybe love has no answers
Maybe it's just old ghosts

( 05/26/06 )