Thursday, April 9, 2009

Crazy moment at WPAFB in Ohio


Today my buddy and I were out wondering about, we both live near Wright Patterson AFB. We are used to the constant noise of aircraft flying over. One of the roads to his house, the aircraft land and take off right over. They are usually doing training, touching down and going right back up and around again. Today, we were stopped at the light by the gate and roaring over the highway, not lined up with any runway, headed toward 6 other parked C5 Galaxy's comes this huge airplane. It was probably 70 feet off the road give or take, you could nearly count the lug nuts on the damn things. It was in some sort of full throttle turn, like they were aborting the landing. We actually thought we were all goners at the light. I was trying to decide if I needed to give it the gas and run the light or stay put. The noise was incredible and people at the light were all staring at the thing as it turned sharp and they gunned the engines attempting to recover. It blocked the sun momentarily it was so low... It was a scary moment. The plane turned sharp, wheels down, full throttle flying nearly sideways... but it made it and came back around and lined itself up... I'm sure that there was some panic in the sky , as there was on the ground.