Tuesday, April 14, 2009



From the moment we met
I knew the danger in your eyes
Recognition on many levels
Oh how you would change my life
Oceans crashing in another storm
And you came to challenge
My every move
Intensity was overwhelming
And everyone knew
The reason
I could not walk away
From this intensity
That surrounds you
But we just don't talk about it
Each moment in your presence
Brought me closer to the edge
On a one way street to nowhere
That would lead me back home
Where it's all or nothing baby
And you have to risk it all
To play this game
Perhaps i'm even crazy
To stand and wonder
Hypnotic in your shadow
Wondering what might have happen
If I had stayed around
And foot the bill for this Adventure
As much as a part of me wants to
It's a gamble nobody could win
For it costs too much
When your soul
Is the opening bid