Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Watching Rhiannon


Rhiannon dreams
Looking back
And trying to find
Her place ...alone
In the here and now
An Enchantress
Out of time
They keep telling her
You can never go back
Even when it feels
There's nothing to go on for
Or so it seems
Time is an illusion
After all
So many nights
Her moon has risen
Over the stone circles
Above the Castle walls
And in her mind
Ancient poest dance
Looking toward the sky
Toward the Heavens
Toward the Angels
While in the darkness
You will sometimes see her
When the fog lifts
And the light of the moon
Illuminates her garden
Cloaked in shadows
She walks
And silently looks
Into the mists
Still tracking a ghost
That may never come
And as much as she
Will never forget
She must move on.