Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dancing Round the Flame


I have always been
Attracted to intensity
Like a moth to a flame
I have had my wings burned
Far too many times
Ageless intuition a source of magick
Ancient warrior
Like dancing
Round a flame
Part of me says
Go ahead
Part of me remembers
Why I can't
It's the same every time
If you give in
Time flys by
But the story
Remains the same
Never changes
I once thought
You were everthing
Overlooking the bad
Fooling only myself
This love
Was killing me
And you were the only one
Who ever walked away
And tried to take
The best of me
And for a time
I let you win
I danced to the flame
Crazy rythym
Dancing in the dark
Pieces of a melody
That would never
Be a song...

( June 13, 2009 )