Friday, June 19, 2009

Slipping Away


I see you now
Slipping away
A little each day
Nothing I can do
Just be there
Watching you
From a distance
Watching so close
Yet a million miles
From the light
That used to be
Time takes its toll
A little more each day
I see you slipping
And I think back
To where we once were
Our place before we fell
Like so many others
We had no control
Once the storm hit
Full force
Like the hurricane
That it was
And then the silence
It was over
The thunder never louder
Shattered the dawn
Sometimes I feel
As if you never left
I look in your eyes
The realization hits
That time itself
Has erased
The one I knew
You slipped away
Quietly into the night
Without a sound
And I wish I could
Turn back the hands
Of time.. just for you
But it's just another thing
That mere mortals cannot do.

(June 19 2009)