Saturday, June 20, 2009

Signs of Passage


The candle dimmed
High atop the tower
In an allready
Darkened room
Far behind the safety
Of these castle walls
Only an ember remains
Glowing in the darkness
As I simply closed the door
And you walked away
Perhaps unaware
Of what you walked out on
So I stood there
Trembling with frustration
Finding myself
Once more saying goodbye
So I did not look up As the door closed
I just retreated
Back to my sacred space
My prison
Where I alone rule
And I looked in the mirror
As I passed it on the wall
The mirror shows
Lines on my face
Grey in my hair
Signs of passage
I looked for just a moment
Found my composure
And went back to my solitude
Where I dwell
Most of the time
Even in a room full of people
I am alone
Letting go is never easy
At best a slow death
Silence is deafening
And no words are spoken
Sometimes no words
Say the most of all
Just more passages
And the flame of the candle
Went dark...

(June 10 2004 )