Saturday, June 20, 2009

Our Last Goodbye


Standing in that doorway
The last time I saw you
I will never forget
The look on your face
Much like the pain
In my heart
And that memory
Lingers like a ghost
Always out of reach
Out of touch
Just beyond my ability
To banish it forever
I have cried
A million tears
Paced the halls
Trying to forget you
And trying to move on
Yet each time
I pass that doorway
Down that hallway
I hear echos...see ghosts
And the sad sound
Of a last goodbye
I never wanted this
I never intended
To push you to the edge
But like a hurricane
Out of control
Spinning too fast
And so the door
Began to close
I took one last look
One fleeting glance
At all I had known
And all I had given up
It would never come again
It's been nearly two years
And not a day goes by
That I dint think of you
And I wonder if
I ever cross your mind
And you think of me
And in that instant
I can feel our souls touch
Still I pass the hallway
Day after day
Where someone else
Lives behind the walls
Memories of darkness
And rage
Like a hurricane
Winds of change
And the sea
Swallows up
The memories
One great wave at a time
Crashing against my soul
Battering the cornerstone
Trying to breach
The castle walls
So I retreat higher
More out of touch
Not wanting to let go
Of a memory
Of a life
Of a man
That I loved so deeply
I will never forget
Those eyes
And how
They could see right through me
Like a hurricane
Like a ghost
Lingering behind
That closed door.

(December 2004)