Friday, July 24, 2009

Fall Of Shadows


I see shadows
Of things that used to be
Just out of reach
Silhouettes in the distance
Fading into yesterdays
I know I cant fix things
Or take away this pain
It's out of my hands here
But if I could
Short of Heaven and Earth
Moon and Sky
I'd give my soul
To turn back time
Oh why did you go?
Where I cant touch you
Where I cant feel you
In fading light
Where shadows dwell
Whats left of this moment
It passes silently
So many moments gone forever
I look back
At all the time
That I let slip away
Foolish quests and empty searches
When all I even needed
Was there all the time
An empty lesson
A long time coming
For the both of us in the mirror
Reflections can be so cruel
I wish sometimes
I could close my eyes
And take away the pain
Before the shadows
Come back to take away
Whats left of my memories.

( July 24, 2009 )