Friday, July 31, 2009

Merlin Sleeps

merlins tree

Tonight ... the still of the night
It is deafening
I don't feel grounded
Nor do I feel the freedom
Of soaring in moonlight
On gathered wings
Under a moon yet to be full
Yet to be...fullfilled
Sometimes you just feel drained
Of all your creative energy
And sometimes it's all you have
So just how many trees
Did Merlin simply sleep within
Cast under a spell of darkness
Before the Winter came
How many times did we walk
Round and round the lakes of Avalon
Trying to decide the fate of Excalibur
Watching a ghostly hand rise
Out of the mists of silence
Breaking the still water
Only to walk away in shame
Long walks in the gardens
When the roses were in bloom
Yet, no one dare pick any of splendor
None to grace the tables
None to grace the bedchamber
Only to wither and die without purpose
For you had decided.. all would be gray
Untill the shadows left the tower at Spring
And on that final walk
Where we made our choices
Did our eyes meet in misery
For one last longing moment
And no Summer came... no Fall
Only Winters cold embrace
And who to blame they cried out
And there was no answer
No echos down Castle halls
Only ghosts
Just a cold...emptyness
Is all that remained
And in the end
All faded from memory
As if it had never been what it was
In all its Glory...
It slipped through the boundrys of time
And was heard from no more.

( July 31, 2009 )