Monday, August 3, 2009

The Path Divided


Going through the motions
Every day the same old story
Walking in quicksand
Just pulls you in deeper
No traction there
Just sinking
There is no going back
Every movement
You just sink deeper
But there's no safty
In remaining still
And no guarantee
If you try to make
A leap of faith
That there will be
Anybody to catch you
When you fall again
I can hear you scream
Even in silence
I know your eyes
I feel what they say
I hear what they dont
And even from a distance
I can feel the fear
As it grips you tighter
So where do we go from here?
Iv'e asked that question
A million timesAnd all the answers
Just make for more questions
That nobody wants to hear
And that Nobody wants to listen to
Day by Day as they stand in a circle
Watching the quicksand
Take you farther away each day
While your stare back in silence
Screaming for salvation
From God and Man alike...
And everybody pauses...
Looking at one another...
Waiting for some sign...
From the Heavens...
To enlighten the ghosts
On how to be more human
Like they all used to be
And how to save
A bright , tiny flash of light
Before the darkness
Swallows it up
And it comes back changed.

[No one walks away]

( August 3, 2009 )