Sunday, August 23, 2009

Above the Waterline


All this time
We spend together
Brings up
So many memories
Sometimes I get
All mixed up inside
Making sure today
Is still today
And not yesterday
In some sort of disguise
I keep my head
Above the waterline
Cause I know
How easily I could drown
Going under...
Would be so easy
So I take a step backward
Retreat to a safe place
And just watch
From a distance
Stand up to the resistance...
Take a breath of air and go back under
Replay the past in my head
Even if it seems
So much more a shadow
Than a reality
There are times
I want to just lay back
Close my eyes
And let it all flood back
See how long
I can hold my breath
Till I just let go
Above the waterline

(© Copyright August 23, 2009 Ninth Wave Inc )