Saturday, August 8, 2009



So the rain fell softly
Like a million times before
I could feel your heart beat
As we lay in the chamber
Roaring fire kept us in comfort
But the warmth I felt
Was from your soul as the damp mist would rise
Creeping from the moors
At the foot of the stone steps
Lying in wait for their purpose
The scent of spices wake us
Wine and merriment flowed
Yet victory did not touch you this day
I saw you gaze out the window
In silent longing..for what everyone knew
I could not give you
The dragon lay silent in you this day
You simply drifted away
And I could do nothing
As the fog surrounded you
And took you prisoner
Many times I reached out
But you were truly lost
And my heart shattered
Yet knowing my place
My purpose
My crime
I showed no fear to the others
And silently wept for you in my heart
Praying to awaken you
From this nightmare
To see you had returned to me more
Would you return
No more would you warm my soul
Or be there to stifle the rage
That burns beneath my eyes
Nor fill the emptiness
In my soul
And the days grew longer
Warmth returned to the land
Still no warmth touched you
Sad sight...of blue eyes gone grey
Your chamber remained silent
Till one day the silence
Became a scream
That I could no longer ignore
Silence can be like thunder
And the only the creaking
Of the great oaken door
Broke the still of the night
I walked into the chamber
Once filled with love and laughter
And found you in eternal sleep
It was as if my heart stopped beating
Never again to pulse for another
Even the dragons screamed in mourning
Deafening the dawn
Shattering the night
As if they had lost one of their own
In battle...crashing to earth
They circled overhead for days
Watching and waiting
Dragons tears falling like rain
As they gently lifted you to the sky
And carried you away
Into the mist of Avalon
Leaving only the memory for me
The legacy
And the legend
As it began to fade
Into myth and into time
I walk alone in the great hall now
Missing you with each step
Awaiting my journey home
Listening for your voice
In the shadows
When the dragons will again cry out
In celebration
Heralding your return
When we will once more embrace
And be as one.

( © Copyright 1994 Ninth Wave Inc )