Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Tower (The Moon and Stars)


So he said to me
Across the great web
Is there anybody
Special in your life
And I said no...
Not for a very long time..
We spoke about the dance
He said sometimes
You have to ask somebody
To dance..
And I made a reference
Left the crystal hiking boot
On the last ones door...
Running out
Before midnights last tolled
And behind the castle wall I would be
As the clock struck midnight
Well dont make the tower so high
Where mere mortals cant reach it
Or do you want a demigod
Or a champion....
I said...I'd be happy with
Somebody who understands
The movements of
The Moon and the Stars
But kept his feet on the ground
No one above me
No one below....
Just an equal...
And so from my darkness
Is there anybody out there?

Inspired by Ravenoh

(September 24, 2009 )